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Portable Sanitation

Portable sanitation units make jobsites and events more convenient for crews and guests. They are cost-effective and an efficient way to set up sanitation options no matter the jobsite you’re setting up or the event you’re putting on. These units provide a convenient and hygienic solution for workers and attendees.

Portable sanitation units are available to meet your needs, for a day, a weekend, or months at a time. 

  • Portable toilets
  • Hand wash stations
  • Combo Units

    Whether it’s pipelines, oilfield, industrial or construction sites of all sorts, our sanitation experts are well-versed in the delivery, maintenance, and removal of portable sanitation units.

    Portable Toilet Features:

    • Maximum ventilation
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Roomy interior
    • Anti-slip floor surface for improved safety
    • Occupancy signal latch
    • Two tissue roll holders
    • Sanitary seat deck and floor design
    • Translucent roof for better lighting
    • Non splash urinal
    • Mirror

    Portable Sink Features:

    • Capacity: 30-gallon fresh water, 30-gallon grey water
    • 450 uses per fill-up
    • Includes one soap dispenser, two paper-towel holders, and two convenient trash-bag holders
    • Hinged, lockable lid
    • Hands-free foot-pump operation
    • Easy to fill, easy to service, and with built-in handles, easy to move
    • Convenient height for everyone, including children and wheelchair users

    Combo Unit Features:

    • Heated portable toilets, fully stocked, with urinal and lights
    • 3 Yard garbage bin
    • Stair/deck railings
    • OPTIONAL: 20kw Light tower
    • OPTIONAL: 1000 Litre diesel fuel storage tank
    • OPTIONAL: Recycling containment

    Options available (7 Photos)